Workshops at The Vibe on Cedros, Solana Beach

Design and create a beaded bracelet set

Crystal Connection

a bracelet making workshop

Design and create a beaded bracelet set to adorn yourself and uplift your spirit!

Choose from an exquisite selection of semi precious stones and crystals. Learn the gems healing properties and harness the power of their natural beauty. In this class you will be guided on design, color, composition, and proper finishing techniques. You will leave with two coordinating bracelets to enjoy and treasure forever!

create your own house blessing to adorn your home

House Blessing Harmony

a wall hanging workshop

Design and create a meaningful wall hanging to adorn your home!

Choose from a curated collection of textured yarns, silk, ropes, and ribbons. You’ll be guided in selecting crystals, symbols, feathers, and other adornments to infuse your House Blessing with your desired intention. You’ll learn basic macrame knotting and techniques for proper assembly and shaping. You will leave with your own artful expression to hang up in your home and enjoy!

design and create an illluminated wire lantern

Illuminated Magic

a lantern making workshop

Learn how to curl and twist wire around a jar and create a magical hanging lantern!

In this class you will be guided on curling and sculpting wire, making connector beads, and assembling a one-of-a-kind lantern. You’ll learn techniques developed by LoriJane – the original wire lantern company established by Lori Roark and Jane Hartmann in 1997. With a little creative magic, your lantern will illuminate your home and surroundings with a peaceful glow.

make your own hoops

Let’s Get HOOPY

a hoop earring workshop

Make your own pair of wire hoop earrings!

Learn how to shape and twist wire using hand pliers and LilyGirl wire-working techniques. Choose a gem to dangle and you will leave with a unique pair of earrings handmade by YOU!

Make your own pair of wire hoop earrings!

Manifesting Magic

a vision boarding workshop

Set intentions and declare a word, phrase or mantra to keep you focused on your desires for the future!

You’ll be guided on creating an artful collage vision board using a curated collection of papers, magazine clippings, paint, and collage art supplies.


The Vibe on Cedros is located at 412 N. Cedros, Solana Beach