Copy of Workshops at The Vibe on Cedros


Join me in my new studio space at The Vibe in Solana Beach

Design and create a beaded bracelet set

Crystal Connection

a bracelet making workshop

September 21 • 6 – 8 pm

Design and create a beaded bracelet set to adorn yourself and uplift your spirit!

Choose from an exquisite selection of semi precious stones and crystals. Learn the gems healing properties and harness the power of their natural beauty. In this class you will be guided on design, color, composition, and proper finishing techniques. You will leave with two coordinating bracelets to enjoy and treasure forever!

All materials included: A curated assortment of crystals, gems, wood and brass beads, stretch elastic cording, and a gift/storage box.

create your own house blessing to adorn your home

House Blessing Harmony

September 13 • 5 – 8 pm

Design and create a meaningful wall hanging to adorn your home!

Choose from a curated collection of textured yarns, silk, ropes, and ribbons. You’ll be guided in selecting crystals, symbols, feathers, and other adornments to infuse your House Blessing with your desired intention. You’ll learn basic macrame knotting and techniques for proper assembly and shaping. You will leave with your own artful expression to hang up in your home and enjoy!

All materials included: A curated assortment of crystals, talismans, natural elements, yarns, and a stick foraged from a beach, forest, lakeside, or riverbank walk.

You are encouraged to bring any personal treasures you'd like to incorporate into your piece, like meaningful trinkets and nature walk finds.