Say hello to Lori and her dog Lily! LilyGirl Jewelry is handmade in a sunny art studio in Cardiff by the Sea, California.

Lori is inspired by the beautiful coastline and bohemian southern California lifestyle. She creates her collection of limited edition jewelry and accessories by searching for crystals, stones, dorjes and other talismans, and combining them with hand hammered gold wire, chains, and organic touches such as leather, feathers, and sea shells.

Every Saturday is "market day" and Lori sets up a table full of new treasures in downtown San Diego's Little Italy Mercato, sharing her style with street shoppers, old friends, and new visitors. LilyGirl Jewelry can be found on Cedar street, between State and Union between 8a and 2p, rain or shine every week.

Lori is happy to do what she loves and believes that "although jewelry may not solve the world's problems, it sure does make life more beautiful."